I end up in conversations with dudes about the women they deal with and often wonder if half of these niggas actually like women?

Like I know they like women’s bodies and like sex, and subservience but do these niggas like women?

… I should probably mind my business tho.

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So I got tagged by j-steeztff & recklessramsey to do the “Five random things about yourself then pass it along to ten of your favorite followers.” challenge.

1. I don’t have a favorite color.
2. I’m currently working on starting up my own online thrift store.
3. My main goal in life is to be happy.
4. Everyone thinks that mark on my nose is a birth mark but it isn’t. When I lived in Brooklyn as a baby, I was in a walker and fell down the stairs right on my face. lol
5. My birthday is December 8th, making me a Sagittarius.

& here are some of my favorite followers: (I’m going to assume I can’t tagged the ones that already tagged me)

africanexistence afterse7en darkanlovely mydamnblogposts imnotsurewhattowritehere itsjaywats joyedidit jazzydreams midnight-sun-rising yatir whimsy-acquaintance

those are a couple, I definitely have more blogs that I truly enjoy following, sorry I couldn’t remember the other names.

love y’all, peace. xo


It's Ericc lol.


Ericccccccccc ☺️